Hot Neighbourhoods In The Greater Toronto Area

THIS YEARS UP AND COMING AREAS: Woodbridge Highlands! Clarence south of Rutherford on West side. Houses selling for the same price as the north side (Sonoma Heights) and Woodbridge Highlands has no townhouses, no semi`s and min. 50 foot lots. Best bang For your Buck! Only Upside!! Upper Beaches-- Gerrard and Coxwell Reasonable prices. Lots of renovations going on!!! 2)Film District--Eastern Ave/Logan Up and comming! 3)NOBELTON--King City Now that they have sewers, look for new subdivisions springing up! 4) West Toronto Now that central is not affordable, west toronto is starting to develop VAUGHAN--KLIENBURG, MAPLE, WOODBRIDGE Vaughan, "The City Above Toronto," is situated on the northern boundary of Canada`s largest city (Toronto population of 2.4 million, 1998 est) and is at the geographical hub of the Greater Toronto Area (population of over 4.8 million, 1998 est). As Canada`s most densely populated area, Southern Ontario is home to the majority of the country`s corporate headquarters, as well as the majority of industrial and manufacturing concerns. Two-thirds of the Canadian market (20 million people) and half of the U.S. market (135 million people) are within one day`s drive of Vaughan. With over 2,654.8 acres (1,073.7 hectares) of vacant employment land, Vaughan has the second largest inventory of vacant industrial/commercial land within the Greater Toronto Area. Approximately 28 percent of this vacant land is serviced and ready for development. Business parks provide a choice of prime locations for new or expanding businesses. Household income in the City of Vaughan is 31 percent above the national average. There is a large variety of housing types, with single-detached homes accounting for almost 80 percent of all housing. Family-oriented communities offer a full range of services including parks, libraries and recreational facilities. A large selection of shopping areas and tourist attractions draws customers from across the Greater Toronto Area, boosting Vaughan?s retail sales to 67 percent above the national average. The average sale price for Woodbridge, Klienburg and maple for Detached dwellings for 2007 was $513,662.00. Woodbridge Expansion Area: The Woodbridge Expansion Area is located between the existing communities of Woodbridge and Kleinburg. The expansion area covers an area of 330 hectares (815 acres) and will accommodate a population of approximately 15,000 in 4,500 housing units. DUFFERIN/LAWRENCE As more and more people are moving back in the city, Toronto areas are re-developing. Many New Homes are being built in exsisting areas. Dufferin & Lawrence is up and comming area. Close to highways, downtown, and yorkdale mall. Great location in the city without the hefty price tag. Check our new home developments section under Toronto-Central for further details.