The Real Estate Council of Ontario and the Toronto Real Estate Board preach to the general public that the agents they send out into the world are professional.  Is the picture being painted a farce?  Or is it the agents themselves that start out as being professional and then turn unprofessional? Or is it that agents getting their licenses are not business oriented and unscrupulous? 


TREB and RECO have installed very rigid guidelines with agent’s code of ethics; they have set up a policing system to keep the unscrupulous agent in check.  But this is all set up for the general public’s complaints with realtors.  However, there is no policing of agents between each other.  Yes we realtors provide professionalism to the general public, and we are governed to the affect, but where is the professionalism between realtors? 


My agents come to me week after week with issues with other agents.  Issues arise where the listing agent does not return phone calls when a buyer agent has an offer ready to present.  Another issue I have come across was agents complaining about the way a multiple offer scenario were handled.  The complaints go on and on.  The underlining issue with all the complaints is that real estate agents are not providing professionalism between each other. 


The real estate industry was created with one fundamental philosophy:  Listing and Buying Agents are to work diligently and fully co-operate with other to achieve an arms length transaction whereby the seller and buyer are both content.  Agents do not co-operate with each other anymore.  There is no professionalism nor is there any business savvy from these realtors.  When I started in the real estate industry, I remember learning the ropes from agents that were in the business for over 25 years.  Through these pioneers of real estate I learned to co-operate fully with other agents, and try to get the deal done.  I do not know who is coming out of the OREA real estate college, but I can tell you one thing they should be selling in flea markets, not in real estate! 


Let me educate the unprofessional; when an agent brings an offer, call them back and keep them informed step by step with the progression of the offer.  It’s the offer that matters not you, the agent.  So stop playing games and make the deal.  Is that not why you got your liscense, to make deals?  The list of unprofessional infractions is long, and I will save it for another blog.  It boggles my mind why an agent would become a road block for another agent.  We need to work together to make deals, and work against each other to break deals.  


Unprofessional realtors act the way they do because the governing bodies of our industry don’t care about getting involved.  What the brain child’s behind the governing bodies do not realize is that this indirectly affects the general public. 


RECO only deals with public vs. agent matters and TREB does not care to get involved.  TREB will call the agent’s brokerage and speak to them about it.  Kind of like a slap on a hand of a monstrous WWE wrestler.  TREB needs to get more involved with dealings between agents.  Agents can not sort this out on the field.  Every time an agent of mine comes to me with a complaint, I tell them to let me get involved and call the other manager or call the agent.  But I find agents do not want to jeopardize the deal.  This is why a third party needs to be involved.  Create a three strikes policy.  Three strikes and you’re suspended.  TREB should create a black list of these agents, so we know how to deal with these agents. Instead TREB allows our commissions to be cut further with non-service firms, which in turn breads this environment of flea market selling. 


This unprofessional behaviour has really increased over the last 10 years, and shows no sign of improving.  TREB needs to get more involved, because at the end of the day when agents put themselves ahead of the deal, they jeopardize the general public!

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